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History and Mystery - New album available now!

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History and Mystery

by The Likes of Jeff Pittman

Available now on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, CD Baby, Spotify, and other online retailers.

Well, here ‘tis! I’m so very happy to announce the release of my full-length recording, History and Mystery – now available through online retailers and streaming sites, and soon to be available in stores.

This album has been a bit of a long time coming, with the track list including songs I’ve written over the past ten to nearly 15 years. I’ve been blessed to have a number of friends and contributors working on this album, and I hope you all like what we’ve put together. It’s been wonderful fun to make.

Among the cast and crew for this album are the ever-talented Ryan Baker, Vanessa Jackman, and Greg Walsh, and the always kind and gracious mentor who is @Fergus O’Byrne. We were also thrilled to have Ireland’s Newfoundland the Band in Marystown to record “All She Wrote” during their tour last year.

Big thanks to Record Time Productions in St. John’s, JT3 Productions in Marystown, and iTune Audio in Springdale, as well as my great pal David Scholten at Spaces Between Studio in Halifax for all your production work and guidance in these recordings. Also thanks to Atlantic Disc and DVD for the work in manufacturing and printing, and to Kayla Walters, Colin Pittman, and Jud Haynes for support with the layout and designs. It’s all much appreciated.

I also wish to thank MusicNL and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador for the support received through the Artist Development Program, and through the many opportunities they provide. Likewise, thanks to all our media friends – especially CBC NL, VOCM, and and SaltWire Network – who’ve helped to promote this recording.

The date of this release (June 22, 2019) feels rather fitting, as I’ve dedicated this album to the memory of my father. He’s gone five years today, but as it says on “Soil”, “still always part of this place”. He and Uncle John even have a little cameo at the end for Tickle Cove Pond – always a favourite in Uncle John’s Shed.

And so, with all that said, many thanks to all my family and friends who've kindly asked me for years, "When are you ever going to release an album?", or more recently, "When is this album you've been working on ever going to be released?" I hope you all enjoy, and that each of you finds something in these songs and rhymes that means something special. All the best!

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